Record and visualize your life

Journey Beyond a Diary and Activity Tracking App

This is a side project I am currently working on with an iOS developer friend. The idea started with the question that: Instead of recording diaries that are mear words on paper, what if we can document our daily activites, moods, food, sleep and everything about our lives in a way that we can see trends, stats and relationships and gain more insights about how various aspects of our lives impact other parts of our lives.

What if I can make it really simple to enter these data and visualize them in a meaningful way? I wanted to design an intergrated experience not only to track things, but to help people understand their lives better.

01 Sketch the Basic Flows and Information Architecture

This is the divergent thinking phase where I sketched out as many ideas as possible, analyzed what other competing apps are doing, and looked at the latest mobile trends, interactions and animations.

02 Wireframe Early User Flow and Interactions

This is the original wireframe to test out the concept. It helped me visualize what the product goals are, how the navigation is structured, how do the users interact with specific features, and what the scope is.

03 High Fidelity User Flow and Interactions

This is the current phase, in which I am focusing on a few simple user tasks and goals, and mocking up detailed interactions for a working prototype. We are working on a minimumly viable prototype so we can start user testing and get feedback as soon as possible.

04 Visual Design Concept

This is the design for the Journey view. Journey consists of multiple days. Each day has:

  • Photos from that day
  • Diary entry with title, date, and weather
  • Top stats for food, steps, and sleep
  • Actions of the day for activities, fitness and food
  • Share the day to friends and family