Saving life one mile at a time

#CHIMEHACK 2013 Hackathon Project

This is the design for the challenge to develop a mapping application for last-mile health delivery for remote “off the beaten path” villages to record and share accurate directions in Lesotho, South Africa. This would allow health workers to easily navigate to these remote villages, keep track of the motorcycle conditions, and record any patient details.

01 User Journey Map

My team consisted of 4 Android developers and myself as the designer. I interviewed the Riders for Health representative extensively to understand the main user needs, tasks, and pain points. I then quickly sketched out the information architecture and main screens to address these user goals.

02 Interaction & Visual Design

This was the first time I designed an Android app. Understanding the Android interface and interaction model was the main challenge. I tried to keep the design simple and modularized, allowing the user to quickly access the key screens:

  • Stats to track motorcycle conditions
  • Map to intelligently calculate the best route between villages
  • Patients to document patients and their HIV / preganancy status